HUD 2023-2024 CoC Program Competition


Competition Timeline

List of Projects Accepted / Projects Rejected

The following agencies have completed all of the necessary steps to be included in the MI-514 HUD FY2023 CoC Program Competition with the exception of The Battle Creek Community Foundation representing Battle Creek Shelter as they missed our local deadlines. 

Each agency included in the competition have met all deadlines and completed the HUD Project Rating and Ranking Tool with two Housing Solutions Board members present. Maximum scores can vary for each project as there are some questions that are not applicable to the project in question. No project has reduced funding. The CoC Local Planning Body application is not included in the competition but is included in the Consolidated Application.

HUD Prioritization and Ranking and Rejection, posted September 13, 2023
The following table represents the final vote from the Housing Solutions Board (HSB) on the prioritization for local projects for the MI-514 CoC Competition. It was a very difficult decision for the board this year, and we appreciate everyone’s full participation. Congratulations to everyone whose projects were prioritized for 2023. The HSB received Local Applications through August 14, 2023, and required accepted grantees to finalize their application in Esnaps on August 28, 2023; deadlines were communicated directly and posted to website, listserv, and shared in public meetings. HSB Team Evaluators reviewed proposed projects through September 2, 2023, and then again by the full board. In a meeting on September 13, 2023, Projects 1-6 were prioritized and ranked. One project was rejected early in the competition because they did not meet local deadlines. The HSB then voted on the final prioritization and ranking. The results have been communicated via personal call, emails, listserv, Facebook, and website.

Per HUD rules Tier 1 has 93% of ARD at $371,986.98 and Tier 2 slot 1 at $27,999.02.


MSHDA ESG 2023/24
On July 21, 2023, the Housing Solutions Board voted unanimously to prioritize $184,362 in funds from the MSHDA Emergency Solutions Grant for 2023-2024 as follows:
Neighborhoods Inc of Battle Creek (HARA): $123,053
Haven of Rest Ministries: $40,150
Battle Creek Shelter: $21,159


MI-514 ESG Local Application Form 2023/24

FY 2023-2024 Local Application Guidance

ESG FY 2023-2024 NOFA