CERT – CoC Equitable Results Teams

CERT – CoC Equitable Results Teams

The Calhoun County Continuum of Care is working alongside other CoCs across the state on a racial equity action plan to ensure equitable access throughout homelessness, providers, and systems of care.

The local teams are known as CERT – CoC Equitable Results Teams

Members of the CERT Team:
Anastasha Outman -The Coordinating Council Lead
Brendan Sturgill -HARA Team Lead 
Michelle Salazar -Community Development Specialist
Nancy Doyal -HMIS System Admin
Nicole DuPont –Director of Strategic Development
Olivia Harvey -BC Shelter- HMIS Agency Admin
Robert Elchert -Executive Director of Share Center
Shaneekia Miller -Housing Intake Specialist

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C4 REDI Presentation

CERT Presentation

MI-514 Quantitative Data Findings